Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy birthday, Joe!

So, it's my cousin Joe's birthday in two days. He loves playing the drums and for his birthday he is getting a surprise drum-set. Which is why from me I drew a picture as well as pitting in with some money for the drums. Thought I'd show you this picture because well, this place is meant to be here to showcase some of my there you are.
, Ryan

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ryan's Sketch Town!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Don't really understand why I am talking like this but hell. My name is Ryan Yates and I am a writer/artsit for webcomics. My art is more like a cartoon like look I think. However, I hope one day I will draw my own, fairly sensible comic.

The place I tend to go on is for these. I'm only new to it but my friend ironhand on there does know what he's doing. I went around and snooped, finding his own comic called The Flea. Then I snooped around more until finding a thing called Heroes Unite.

I drew a fanart pic for the Heroes Unite comic, and I guess there it is.
I have drawn some more but that was kind of the thing that got me into Heroes. I always liked them but this was the first time I drew them.
So there you are. I think I will post more later on with more pictures for you to look at, but I hope you guys like it.